Blizzard Update From Mayor Blake at City Hall

Milford, CT, January 26, 2015: Mayor Ben Blake and the City of Milford, and Governor Dannel Malloy and the State of Connecticut, have each declared a state of civil preparedness in preparation for Winter Storm Juno. A travel ban on all roads is in effect beginning at 9:00 p.m. tonight.
All meetings and recreation events are cancelled and all City buildings are ordered closed to the public as of 5:00 p.m.

All City Departments have been taking action to guard and protect the citizens of Milford against the impact of the storm, but the help of all residents is needed throughout this event. If you live near elderly or infirmed neighbors, please check in on them as often as it safe to do so.

Additional storm information may be obtained on the City’s website at or the City’s facebook page at “Milford CT City Hall.” Anyone in need of sheltering or social services may obtain additional information by calling the 211 Infoline. In the event of an emergency please call 911.
Thank you and be safe.

To view the complete post from the Facebook page of Milford City Hall, check out this link. Look out for regular updates on their page. To view more information on the upcoming storm be sure to check out the City of Milford’s website and their dedicated page for this storm.

End Corporate Access to the First Amendment

Start of the New YeaWrong Streetr with signing some petitions, particularly this one! The description below for the petition is from the link’s main page on “CREDO Mobilize”, which can be found here:

End Corporate Access to the First Amendment

Uphold the fact that ‘commercial speech’ is not protected by the first amendment. Disallow corporate entities from having free-speech and freedom of religion. Only humans have these rights. Corporations are abstract entities created by law, i.e. not human.

Why is this important?

Corporations and their allies have used the First Amendment to subvert the government’s right to limit and regulate their actions, and have allowed corporations to garnered rights that were previously reserved for human beings. Corporate entities have significantly more power in the courts than individuals. This imbalance of power has greatly diminished the vox populi.

To sign this petition head over to the link above, or here, and look towards the left hand side of the screen to fill out necessary information to add your name.