Get Involved

The Milford Democrats are always looking for a helping hand. We are seeking volunteers and people interested in helping out our local candidates this year.

If you’re interested in volunteering please fill out the form before and you will be contacted shortly thereafter.

You may also get in contact with us by checking out our “Contact Page“.

2 thoughts on “Get Involved

  1. I hope a discussion will be held on Thursday August 29th about the failure of the Woodmont Community to accept a “safe house” for abused women and their kids. This is a black eye for Milford, the ‘small city with a big heart’. I live in the 5th district, but I am ashamed of the behavior of our 4th district neighbors. Furthermore, I do not support a give-away of $540,000 of taxpayer funded real estate (the fire station) to a community that has closed its heart to abused women and kids.

  2. i would like a Dora Kubeck lawn sign to display in front of my house.i live at 213 rogers ave. mfd. (at the entrance to mfd. yaght club.)thank you.

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