Milford Democratic Town Committee

Mission Statement:

Develop, debate and promote the ideals of the Democratic Party. Provide opportunities for open, honest and respectful discussion of the issues that affect the people of our city, our state and our nation. Give voice and access to government to the greatest number of our citizens and to those who would otherwise be excluded from the process.

Advocate and support public education, fair wages and decent working conditions for workers everywhere. Advocate and support equitable and progressive tax policy. Advocate and support policies that ensure a clean and safe environment for us and future generations. Advocate, protect and defend the principles of democratic government and individual liberties constitutionally ensured to us as citizens of the United States.

The Milford Democratic Town Committee is comprised of over 100 Democrats hailing from each of the five unique districts that make up the town of Milford, Connecticut. The Milford DTC is led by the Chairperson, with his or her Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer to help lead the town committee.

Each district has their own respective Chair and Vice-Chair with a Secretary to record minutes and activities. All district leaders are elected by members of their respective group while district-wide officers are nominated and elected by members of the town committee as a whole.

As of January 2018 the elected district-wide officers of the Milford Democratic Town Committee are as followed:

  • Richard Smith
  • Karen Fortunati
  • Claire Casey
  • Brendan Casey

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