Rep. Kim Rose | 8-30g Update & News

From the Office of State Rep. Kim Rose


As you are aware, for the past 7 years, since being elected, I have been working on crafting a bill that we could pass through our house chamber, one that will not discourage the building of affordable housing in Connecticut while offering our town relief from the predatory building affordable housing (8-30g) developments. I am delighted to announce the passage of House Bill #6880.

With the cooperation, negotiation and efforts of our entire Housing Committee Leadership, my House Leadership, and housing advocates I can proudly say that we have achieved just that. This bill will now be transmitted to the Senate for their consideration and vote. Assuming its passage in the Senate, it will go on to the Governor’s office for his signature.

Increasing our state-wide affordable housing stock is crucial. It allows our teachers, firefighters, police, college graduates and working families to be able to afford to live here. However, we have been plagued with predatory developers who are dumping huge projects in pocket developments throughout our City.

 House Bill #6880

Our Bill Will:

  • Allow Ryder Mobile Home park to be included in our count towards affordable housing stock- which should allow Milford to obtain a moratorium for 4 years.
  • Contain a five year sunset provision
  • Lower minimum number of HUE points smaller municipalities must obtain to qualify for a moratorium from 75 HUE points to 50 HUE points
  • Encourage the development of three bedroom family units, senior units tied to family housing, and family units located in incentive housing zones
  • Make income-restricted units in an IHZ development eligible for points toward a moratorium.
  • Award bonus HUE points for family units that contain at least three bedrooms, elderly units when 60% of an affordable housing completion certificate is tied to family housing, and family units located within an Incentive Housing Zone;
  • Change the definition of Median Income applicable to IHZ’s to conform to 8-30g’s definition (the lesser of state median income and the area median income as determined by HUD).
  • Make affordable housing moratoriums more achievable for midsize cities. The current threshold to qualify for a moratorium is 2%, this bill lowers that threshold to 1.5%. While this goal is still very difficult to attain. It is a step in the right direction.

The City Land Use Department, Planning and Zoning Department, the Planning and Zoning Board, and developers need to work together to plan and implement affordable housing in Milford that makes sense and benefits us all.

Please feel free to contact me at the Capitol at 1-800-842-8267, my cell phone 203-701-6098, or by email at – also please like my Official Facebook Page for news and legislative updates.


Thank you Kim for the update on this matter!

Rep. Kim Rose – Anti-Age Discrimination Bill Heads To The House

Milford, Connecticut – State Representative Kim Rose (D-Milford) applauded a bill she authored to discourage age discrimination on employment applications by eliminating the need to indicate date of birth or age.

“Although it is current law that an employer cannot discriminate in hiring and other terms of employment based on a person’s age, this change would allow someone applying to not indicate that on an application,” Rep. Rose said. “That way, an employer may review qualifications without age having any influence on the decision making process.”

House Bill #6206, An Act Concerning Age Discrimination In Hiring Practices, prohibits, except in cases of a bona fide occupational qualification or need, an employer or an employer’s agent from requesting or requiring a prospective employee’s date of birth or age on an initial employment application. A person can file a complaint with the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities that has the authority to investigate and pursue temporary or permanent relief in court.

Rep. Rose is serving her fourth legislative term. She is co-chair of the Women’s Caucus, House vice chair of the legislature’s Housing Committee, Assistant Majority Whip and a member of the Internship and Veterans Affairs Committees.

State Rep. Rose’s Website:

Reference Article:

Local Election Profiles – Milford Democrats 2016

Gayle Slossberg – State Senate

gayle_slossberg_mm_photo14th Senate District: Milford, Orange, West Haven & Woodbridge

Many issues come before the state Senate, and as a six-term representative of the 14th District, Gayle Slossberg has dealt with many of them. Her priorities, she said, include anything that is important to her constituents, from getting the economy back on track to education, to seniors and veterans, all the way to invasive bamboo.

Some issues, like families struggling to get appropriate education for developmentally disabled children, have brought her into the thick of things, sometimes to PPT meetings at schools to advocate for a child.

She’s not afraid to go against the wishes of her party if her conscience directs her otherwise. “I’m a proud Democrat, but that doesn’t mean I don’t look at each issue on its own merits,” Slossberg said.

She’s proud of her position as Senate Chairman of the General Assembly’s education committee and plans to focus on education issues, such as college affordability.

Before going to Hartford in 2004, Slossberg served as Democratic minority leader for the Milford Board of Aldermen from 2001.

“We have a lot going for us in the state,” Slossberg said, “but we have a lot of work to do.”

Full Article here: Gayle Slossberg says constituents drive priorities

Sean Ronan – State Representative

sean_ronan_mm_photo117th House District – Milford, Orange, West Haven

Democrat Sean Ronan, a Bridgeport police detective and a four-term city councilman in West Haven, is running against incumbent Republican Charles Ferraro to represent the 117th District.

Ronan said he wants to focus on bringing more businesses to the state: He noted that there have been some good moves in the past few months, such as the deal to keep Sikorsky in Connecticut and news that the Henkel Corp. is moving to Stamford.

An Army veteran, serving from 1988 to 1992, Ronan said he also plans to focus on the Education Cost Sharing (ECS) grant. Referring to a Superior Court judge’s recent ruling that Connecticut’s ECS formula shortchanges poor children in urban communities, Ronan said he believes more funds may be directed to West Haven.

Ronan said he supports all-day kindergarten and believes “we must support and develop an education system that encourages parents, teachers, administrators, civic leaders, and business leaders to work together to develop curricula that prepare our students for today’s global economy and enhanced technology.”

He said he would support working families by backing state investment in economic infrastructure, like roads, highways, light rail, broadband Internet, worker training, and education.

Full Article here: Ronan, West Haven councilman, challenging Ferraro in 117th

Kim Rose – State Representative

kim_rose_mm_photo118th House District: Milford

Democrat Kim Rose is running for her fourth term as representative of Milford’s 118th District. Earlier this month, Kim was busy in her district, working with a group of Scouts to clean a stretch of road in Devon.

She said she was responding to residents who said the area was showing signs of neglect, so she called Troop 1 and asked if they could help out. About 20 Scouts, plus their leaders, heeded the call, and with shovels, rakes, gloves and bags, they picked up trash and landscaped to give the stretch more visual appeal.

Angelo Ferrente, a troop leader, said the group was more than happy to help. “Kim has been a big supporter of Troop 1, and if she asks for something, we’re there,” he said.

Rose has lived in Milford 32 years. She got into politics as a member of a grassroots fight to prevent the construction of an affordable housing project in an area many people viewed as too dense. From there, she got involved in other local issues, was elected to the city’s Planning & Zoning Board, and then elected state representative for the 118th District.

She fought against a Naugatuck Avenue recycling plant plant, worked to ensure that residents’ voices and concerns were taken into account in the DEEP’s Silver Sands Beach restoration plan, and spoke out against the closing of St. Gabriel’s School.

“I am committed to the city I love, and I am definitely not finished yet in Hartford,” she said. “There is still much work ahead and, without a doubt, the relationships I have built and the experience I have gained will be valuable assets as I continue my work in the legislature.”

Full Article here: Kim Rose, running for 4th term, keeps tabs on the 118th District

Ben Gettinger – State Representative

ben_gettinger_mm_photo119th House District – Milford, Orange

When Ben Gettinger served on the Milford Planning and Zoning Board, he learned a lot about the 8-30g affordable housing law that he hopes to change if he’s elected to represent the 119th district.

Gettinger, a Democrat, is challenging Republican incumbent Pam Staneski for the seat. Milford’s representatives in Hartford have been trying for years to tweak the affordable housing law that has led to numerous housing applications in Milford and a number of approvals for developments that residents often view as too dense for the area.

During his time on the Planning and Zoning Board, Gettinger said he voted against most of the 8-30g proposals that went before the board.

“We always thought that we were doing the right thing and that a judge would agree,” he said. He argues that opposition to affordable housing from neighbors and other residents wasn’t based on income levels but rather on density. “It’s always the density,” Gettinger said.

He said being a good representative is about getting people to vote with you, convincing them to come around to your thinking. Ben noted that his background as a lawyer, specifically a divorce attorney, gives him the skills he will need to get work done in Hartford.

Gettinger said that if he’s elected, he will pursue matters that affect people’s everyday lives, primarily taxes. He said it’s too late to repeal the state income tax, but he said responsibly growing businesses should put the state in a position to lower taxes.

Full Article here: Race for 119th: Gettinger focuses on prioritized spending, fixing 8-30g

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Kim Rose Endorsed For 118th House Seat; Kerri Rowland for Milford Democratic Registrar of Voters

On Tuesday May 24th, 2016 at Milford City Hall State Representative Kim Rose (118th) was endorsed as the Democratic Candidate once again in the 118th House District. Milford Democratic Registrar of Voters Kerri Rowland was also endorsed to run this November.

From a press release on Rep. Rose’s endorsement:

On Tuesday evening Democratic Delegates gathered to choose their nominee for State Representative.

Milford Alderman Bryan Anderson nominated Kim Rose and Dotti Bateman, president of Caswell Cove condo assoc., seconded the motion. Following the motions, Rose was endorsed unanimously.

“Kim is a dedicated public servant and a great advocate for Milford in State Government,” Anderson said in a statement. “She is someone who truly loves her hometown and is dedicated to her work.”

Rose, a State Representative since 2011, is a member of the General Assembly’s Joint Committees for Veterans Affairs, and Children, and Vice Chair of the Committee on Housing. She is the Assistant Majority Whip of the House. She is being nominated to serve her fourth term.

“I am honored to accept this nomination. It is my pleasure to serve my constituents and I look forward to the challenges ahead. Whether it’s fighting to stop a recycling facility from opening to our issues with affordable housing applications, I have always stood up and fought for our residents. My constituents know that I am always there for them,” said Rose in a statement.

Prior to serving in the General Assembly, Kim Rose served as Vice Chair of the Milford Planning and Zoning Board, and co-founded the Downtown Milford Business Association.

Her daughter Crystal is a Physician’s Assistant at Manchester Hospital, and her son Casey was a Sergeant in the Connecticut National Guard and a veteran of the War in Afghanistan.

Kim is now the proud grandmother of 9-month-old Cora Lee.

Congratulations to both Kim and Kerri!

Below you may find some photos from that evening: