Rep. Kim Rose | 8-30g Update & News

From the Office of State Rep. Kim Rose


As you are aware, for the past 7 years, since being elected, I have been working on crafting a bill that we could pass through our house chamber, one that will not discourage the building of affordable housing in Connecticut while offering our town relief from the predatory building affordable housing (8-30g) developments. I am delighted to announce the passage of House Bill #6880.

With the cooperation, negotiation and efforts of our entire Housing Committee Leadership, my House Leadership, and housing advocates I can proudly say that we have achieved just that. This bill will now be transmitted to the Senate for their consideration and vote. Assuming its passage in the Senate, it will go on to the Governor’s office for his signature.

Increasing our state-wide affordable housing stock is crucial. It allows our teachers, firefighters, police, college graduates and working families to be able to afford to live here. However, we have been plagued with predatory developers who are dumping huge projects in pocket developments throughout our City.

 House Bill #6880

Our Bill Will:

  • Allow Ryder Mobile Home park to be included in our count towards affordable housing stock- which should allow Milford to obtain a moratorium for 4 years.
  • Contain a five year sunset provision
  • Lower minimum number of HUE points smaller municipalities must obtain to qualify for a moratorium from 75 HUE points to 50 HUE points
  • Encourage the development of three bedroom family units, senior units tied to family housing, and family units located in incentive housing zones
  • Make income-restricted units in an IHZ development eligible for points toward a moratorium.
  • Award bonus HUE points for family units that contain at least three bedrooms, elderly units when 60% of an affordable housing completion certificate is tied to family housing, and family units located within an Incentive Housing Zone;
  • Change the definition of Median Income applicable to IHZ’s to conform to 8-30g’s definition (the lesser of state median income and the area median income as determined by HUD).
  • Make affordable housing moratoriums more achievable for midsize cities. The current threshold to qualify for a moratorium is 2%, this bill lowers that threshold to 1.5%. While this goal is still very difficult to attain. It is a step in the right direction.

The City Land Use Department, Planning and Zoning Department, the Planning and Zoning Board, and developers need to work together to plan and implement affordable housing in Milford that makes sense and benefits us all.

Please feel free to contact me at the Capitol at 1-800-842-8267, my cell phone 203-701-6098, or by email at – also please like my Official Facebook Page for news and legislative updates.


Thank you Kim for the update on this matter!