Ellen Russell Beatty for the 119th District

I have been blessed in life with a wonderful husband, three successful sons, three beautiful grandchildren and a career that has included myriad opportunities to serve and to learn.

As the first woman to be Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs at Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU), I believe my proven track record in fiscal management, strategic planning and consensus building is critically needed in Hartford. I have used these skills to help reduce costs and keep taxes low during two terms as an Alder in Milford.

My goal is to utilize my extensive professional background and experience to help improve communities. I will be an advocate in creating policies that help women and families to work safely, have access to quality healthcare and safe and effective schools, and to live in safe, environmentally healthy neighborhoods. As a tenured professor of nursing and a current Faculty Emerita of Public Health at SCSU, I have been an advocate for health care and education as critical investments for thriving communities.

I am action-oriented and like to solve problems to overcome community challenges. As an elected representative, I listen, learn, share and educate for the best interests of my constituents. I take the obligation to be just, benevolent, and honest very seriously.

I look forward to working with the people of Milford and Orange in the 119th District to bring effective solutions to the challenges we face.