Frank Smith (118th)

Frank is a lifelong resident of Devon and the West Shore.  A graduate of the Milford Public Schools, he has been involved in many community, cultural and environmental activities in the area over the years.

Frank has served a total of 12 years on the Milford Board of Alderman.  He has been instrumental in fostering Milford’s unprecedented prosperity under Mayor Blake. As Chairman of the Ordinance Committee, Frank has led on issues like tax cuts, animal anti-cruelty, and stronger blight ordinances. Frank has also served on the Inland Wetlands Agency, the Council on Aging, the Public Works Committee and is an aldermanic liaison to and active supporter of the Milford Public Library. In 2019 Frank received the Lifetime Membership Award from the Milford Preservation Trust for his work in helping preserve Milford’s long and rich history.

Frank acts in local theatre groups and has regularly appeared in productions with Milford’s Eastbound Theatre and Square One Theatre in Stratford. He plays music with the Milford Folk Music Society and loves spending time with his new grandson, Franklin. He lives in Milford with his wife Diane and dog Rocky.

Bryan Anderson: 119th District (Milford/Orange)

For the last decade, I have been a member of Team Milford. As alderman, I worked to represent the dreams and aspirations of Milford families. I worked to bring local government decisions closer to the people paying the bill. Tax cuts. Quality education. Walkable Streets and sidewalks. Open space and Environmental protection. Accessible beaches and playgrounds. Sensible planning and zoning decisions.

I’ve been an active, impactful alderman. I believe we can do anything together. I will bring that same optimism and energy as your State Representative in Hartford.

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