Milford Dems Nominate Candidates

CTDemsConvention season 2014 is over and the nominations are closed. Members of the Milford Democratic Town Committee were very busy attending several local and State conventions as delegates to formally nominate candidates to run during the November election.

Many local conventions were held to nominate several State Representatives and our State Senator, including the Milford-Orange Judge of Probate.

  • Gayle Slossberg was nominated to run once again as State Senator during the 14th Senatorial District held at West Haven City Hall. Slossberg represents Milford, Orange, and portions of West Haven and Woodbridge.
  • James Maroney was nominated during the 119th Democratic Convention to run for a second term as State Representative. Maroney represents areas of Milford and Orange.
  • Kim Rose was nominated by delegates of the 118th Democratic Convention, held at the Elks Lodge in Milford, to run for a third term as State Representative. Her district consists entirely of the town of Milford.
  • Paul Davis was nominated by delegates of the 117th Democratic Convention to run for a sixth term as State Representative. Davis represents portions of Milford, Orange and West Haven.
  • Beverly Streit-Kefalas was nominated to run for another term as Judge of Probate, representing Milford and Orange.
  • Kerri Rowland was nominated as the Democratic Registrar of Voters this November. Rowland, who has been serving as the Deputy Registrar of Voters for many years, has replaced the outgoing Democratic Registrar Antoinette Carey and will run for election for a full term.

Linda Stephenson was also nominated and elected to serve on the Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee, representing District 14 (Milford, Orange and parts of West Haven and Woodbridge). Town Committees can send two people (one man and one woman) from each Senate district to serve on State Central.

The Milford Democratic Town Committee additionally sent delegates to the 2014 State Democratic Convention held in Hartford at the Connecticut Convention Center and to the 3rd Congressional District Convention held at North Haven High School.

The 2014 State Democratic Convention nominated the following candidates for state-wide office;

Dan Malloy – Governor
Nancy WymanLieutenant Governor
Denise Merrill – Secretary of State
Kevin Lembo – State Comptroller
Denise Nappier – State Treasurer
George Jepsen – State Attorney

The 3rd Congressional District Convention was held at North Haven High School. U.S. Representative Rosa DeLauro was nominated by delegates. Representative DeLauro will be honored during the 6th Annual Milford DTC Awards Dinner to be held on Friday June 6th in Milford, Connecticut.

To view the complete list of Democratic candidates for the 2014 election and to visit their respective campaign sites, click here:

Candidates – 2014

For information on voting or if you’re interested in registering to vote please visit our Voting page on Milford Democrats;

Voting Information

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