Congratulations to All Candidates

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Rich Smith, Chairman of the Milford Democratic Town Comittee

I’d like to extend a sincere congratulations to all the candidates, Republicans
and Democrats, those that won their races yesterday and those who did not.

What’s so great is the passion with which each sought office, an office
which, with the exception of city clerk and mayor, doesn’t pay!

While I know the great Democratic candidates we ran this year, I also had a honor of
meeting many of the Republican candidates over the course of the past many weeks
and without exception I found each to be engaged, friendly, thoughtful and
sincere. All great candidates. They, along with their Democratic counterparts
ran good solid campaigns, focused solely on the issues facing our city.

So, Congratulations to Linda Stock and Mayor Blake and to all the
candidates who participated in yesterday’s contest. Well done.

Now, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and work together for the good of our great city.

And congratulations to Mayor Blake for your impressive win. You
too avoided the distractions of campaigns and never once criticized your
opponent. Your win yesterday is well deserved. Much success to you in your next

Election Results and New Members of the Boards of Aldermen, Education & Planning & Zoning

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