8th Annual Milford Democratic Awards Dinner Recap


On June 10th, 2016, at Aldario’s Restaurant here in Milford, Connecticut the 8th Annual Milford Democratic Party Awards Dinner was held.

Nancy Wyman, Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut, was the recipient of the “Democrat of the Year Award“. Nancy began her career in public more more than 30 years ago when she served on the Tolland Board of Education. After nearly a decade on the Board she was elected to four terms in the State House of Representatives. Ms. Wyman during his House tenure was the chair of the Education Commitee and held leadership positions on the Appropriations sub-committee on Elementary and Secondary Education. in 1994 Wyman made history as the first elected female Connecticut State Comptroller. Lt. Governor Wyman is a longtime supporter of the American School for the Deaf in West Hartford and in 2013 was named to the school’s Board of Directors. She is prominent in efforts to raise funds for breast cancer research, has been closely involved with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the National Kidney Assocation and the American Heart Association.

Nick Veccharelli and George Amato were the recipients of the “Lifetime Achievement Award“.  Nick is a Milford native, Jonathan Law High School graduate and former Firefighter. He first entered politics years ago when Point Beach School was being sold and along with it the playground where he and his neighbors took their children to play. He lobbied the Board of Alderman not to sell the playground as part of the deal and succeeded. He began his service to the Democratic Town Committee working on State Representative campaigns and worked with numerous Milford Democratic Town Committee Chairmen to achieve the goals of the Democratic Party. Nick currently serves on the Board of Aldermen for the 3rd District and acts as Majority Leader.

George is a lifelong resident of Connecticut. Through the years, George has served his city as a community activist and political leader on local issues. In Milford you can see his efforts and creative influence across the City from Eisenhower Park to restoration and improvements along the shoreline. From 1971 to 1983 he served on the Board of Aldermen and served as a coordinator in Southern Connecticut for the late Robert Kennedy’s presidential campaign in 1968. He also served as the Chairman of the 4th District Democratic Town Committee in Milford.

Samual S. Bergami, Jr was the recipient of the “Outstanding Community Service Award“. Sam is the President, CEO and co-owner of Alinabal Holdings Corp. In 1993 he was named by the Milford Chamber of Commerce as the “Businessperson of the Year”. Sam has been involved in numerous organizations over the past 30 years and has received many awards for both his community involvement and significant contributions to the Milford business community.

The 8th Annual Milford Democratic Awards also had the great pride of honoring the recipients of the 2nd Annual Claire Phelan Scholarship Award. Students from Jonathan Law and Joseph A. Foran High School were given the scholarship award, named in the memory of Claire Phelan. We wish you great success in your college studies.

Big thank you to all who helped organize the dinner and a thanks to everyone who took out ad space in the Milford Democrat’s ad book this year!

Congratulations to all the honorees of the 8th Annual Milford Democratic Party Awards Dinner. We thank you for your public service!

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