Connecticut Delegate Selection List for the Democratic National Convention


From an article on CT Mirror by Mark Pazniokas

On June 7th, 2016 the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders worked together to finish Connecticut delegate selections for the Democratic National Convention.

“It couldn’t have worked out any greater. I got to tell you everybody in the end, they just sat down and were able to work everything out. The campaigns are very pleased,” Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto said. “You can’t make everybody happy, but the tone, the way the campaigns ended up was excellent.”

In all, 55 delegates were apportioned on the results of the April 26 primary: 28 for Clinton and 27 for Sanders. Three-dozen were chosen in congressional district caucuses a week ago.

The final group of 19 selected on June 7th, 2016 by the state central committee was composed of 12 at-large delegates and seven “pledged PLEOs” (Party Leaders and Elected Officials).

The four PLEOs pledged to Clinton are: Bridgeport Mayor Joseph Ganim, Ed Camacho of Norwalk, Secretary of the State Denise Merrill and state Rep. Patricia Billie Miller of Stamford. The three pledged to Sanders are: state Rep. Edwin Vargas of Hartford, Eloisa Melendez of Norwalk and state Rep. Robyn Porter of New Haven.

The 12 at-large delegates were evenly split.

The six Clinton delegates are: T.J. Clarke, the president of the Hartford City Council, plus Francisco Gonzalez of Greenwich, Susan Barrett of Fairfield, Deputy Comptroller Martha Carlson, Donna King of Norwalk and Susan Goldman of Norwich.

The six for Sanders: state Sen. Gary Winfield of New Haven, former UAW leader Phil Wheeler, William Henderson of the Communication Workers of America, Carol Goldberg of Bethany, Debra Cohen of Wethersfield and Audrey Blondin of Torrington.

The delegation also will include 16 superdelegates, who include Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, the congressional delegation and others. They are not bound by the primary results, though all but one are publicly committed to Clinton.

The following Democrats from the 3rd Congressional District were elected last week as district-level delegates:

3rd Congressional District

Clinton: New Haven Mayor Toni Harp, Audrey Tyson, Frank Alvarado and West Haven Mayor Edward O’Brien.

Sanders: Christine Bartlett-Josie, Bonita Yarboro and Eli Markham.

Please refer to the main article for delegate listing from other Congressional Districts.

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