Back To School: Safety Measures in Milford

School Safety

With many schools back in session this week, a mix of new security measures and personnel have been added in districts throughout Greater New Haven to give students, parents and staff a better sense of safety.

Milford schools’ Chief Operations Officer James Richetelli Jr. said the district has implemented many security upgrades students may not notice.

There are now “quick link” buttons to emergency services in all schools; the district is adding direct 911 dialing in every classroom; city police now have the capability to monitor school surveillance cameras; police will also have access to electronic locks — so, when a school is on lockdown, Richetelli said, only uniformed police will be able to get in.

At elementary schools, Milford students will notice new greeters. Though not considered security personnel, they will be interacting with visitors at schools. New school resource officers will begin patrolling schools likely by February.

Parent Welcome Letter from Dr. Feser:

This year, all visitors coming to school, including parents, will be asked through the intercom to identify themselves by name and the reason for the visit. If visitors cannot be seen in the camera, they will be asked to face the camera before being allowed access. Once inside the building they will be asked to sign in, then issued a formal visitor pass, and asked to sign out when they leave the building.

If a visitor is not known by the staff member who is stationed at the front door, the visitor will be asked to display a form of identification through the glass. Once their identity is verified and they are allowed entrance, the visitor will be required to leave a form of ID with the staff member. Their ID will be returned to them when they sign out of the building at the end of their visit.

We realize that these measures can be inconvenient, but they are essential to our commitment to providing a safe and orderly environment for our children, staff, and community. My hope is that you will support us in these efforts. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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