Democratic Candidate Proposes Customer Survey for the City Clerk’s office.

Charlie Montalbano photo

Charlie Montalbano, Democratic candidate for Milford City Clerk, has proposed developing a survey that would be available for people who use the city clerk’s office, providing them an opportunity to provide feedback on their experience.

The survey would be anonymous and would not focus on any office employee but would simply provide information that would enable the clerk’s office to identify strengths and weaknesses and continue to improve the user’s experience.

“My goal is that everyone who uses the services of our clerk’s office would, as a result of their experience, recommend our office and services to their friends and family. I firmly believe that you cannot manage what you cannot measure so in this case our measurement would be, what I call, our “net promoter score”, measuring how many of our customers would recommend us.”

This survey proposal, according to Montalbano, is a first step in a program of continuous improvement he envisions going forward, “a commitment to continually look for ways to drive efficiency and quality into our operation. The first place to start is with our customers”.


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