The Milford Democratic Municipal Candidates

Ben Blake

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With new efficiencies created, new sources of revenue bringing in additional tax dollars and with lessons learned from several major storms since he took office, Mayor Ben Blake said he is ready to start moving the city forward even more.

“I can say Milford is even better than it was two years ago,” Blake said. “Two years from now, I hope to say our community is even sturdier.”

The Democratic Town Committee approved its slate of candidates for the November elections Thursday in a City Hall ceremony highlighted by red carnations on the lapel of every candidate, and patriotic tunes sung by the Coastal Chordsmen.

Charles Montalbano

Charles Montalbano accepted his party’s nomination to run for City Clerk. Montalbano said he wants to bring the same efficiencies to the city clerk’s office that Blake brought to the mayor’s office.

“I will continue to ask ‘how can we improve, how can we do the job better,” Montalbano said.

The rest of the Democratic slate is as follows:


First District:
Greta Stanford and James Patterson

Second District:
Nick Veccharelli and Janet Golden

Third District:
Frank Smith and Robbie Long

Fourth District:
Susan Shaw and Phil Vetro

Fifth District:
Bryan Anderson and Dora Kubek

Running for the BOARD OF EDUCATION:

First District:
Mark Ahrens and Laura Fetter

Second District:
Tracy Casey and Susan Glennon

Third District:
Chris Saley and George Gensure

Fourth District:
Earl Whiskeyman and Heidi Gold-Dworkin

Fifth District:
Laura Fucci and Sarah Ferrante


First District:
Raymond Arnold

Second District:
Mike Dolan

Third District:
Jim Quish

Fourth District:
Carl Moore

Fifth District:
Terrence Copeland

Running for CONSTABLE:
Linda Hardiman, Joan Rousseau, Scott Barnett and Dennis Slavin.

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