Milford Students Join the 50K Challenge

By Phyllis Swebilius @

MILFORD — Micheala Baldwin, 20, said she was cleaning the debris-strewn basketball courts at Fowler Field “because I want to help Mother Nature and I’m sick of people littering.”

Jessica Fucci, 20, said she wanted “to keep Milford clean.”

“I don’t like it when the people throw garbage in the beaches,” Brayan Ramirez, 21, said.

The three were among eight students Friday, armed with plastic bags and gloves, who took part in the city’s 50K Challenge to help pick up 50,000 pieces of litter by May 11.

As of Monday, Earth Day, 25,210 pieces were recorded.

Within minutes, the students had scooped up beverage containers, food wrappers and plastic bags from along the chain-link fence and retrieved bottle caps from under the benches.

Their commitment to the city drew praise from 50K By Earth Day organizer Steve Johnson, who called them “an inspiration for everybody in Milford.”

“Their messages about why this is important to them were right from the heart. Their sense of caring and taking the time to make a difference is a reminder to all of us that every good word and deed has immense power,” said Johnson, city open-space and natural resource agent.

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