Planning & Zoning Democratic Candidate Profiles

zoning maps

District 1

Ray Arnold

Qualifications: I have lived in Milford since 1987, and the first district since 1993, so I know the area. During that time I have sat on the MUSC Board, Library Board, and Housing board. That experience has taught me about group decision making, consensus building, and challenging others to do better. My work experience as an industrial engineer has taught me about group decision making, consensus building, and challenging others to do better. And if you ask my children, my experience as a father has taught me that I have no idea about anything. I don’t believe them.

What do I hope to accomplish: Listen, understand, debate, and vote. Milford is a mature town. The challenge here is to renew what has been abandoned, to repair and reuse. So I would favor projects that embody that spirit. But, people are creative, with dreams and vision that should also be encouraged. So I would like to sit on the board and encourage people to do better. Ideas need due diligence. New ideas are what will drive Milford forward. But, they have to be evaluated to see if they will benefit the community in both the short and long term.

District 2

Mike Dolan

Qualifications: I believe that my experience as an attorney will be an asset in drafting, interpreting and applying our city’s zoning regulations. I also believe that while I am only 28 years old, my youth will allow me to offer a fresh perspective and energy to the Planning and Zoning Board.

What do you hope to accomplish: If elected, I will aim to make the Planning & Zoning Board as fair and efficient as possible. I will strive to ensure that certain residents are not granted special treatment over others, and that everyone who has business before the board is given the opportunity to have their voice heard. For the residents seeking to make improvements to their homes, I will do everything in my power to streamline their experience with the Planning and Zoning Board, and will avoid subjecting these homeowners to unnecessary delays.

District 3

Jim Quish

Qualifications: 40 year Milford resident, local business owner, former Board of Education member, member Permanent School Facilities Committee.

What do you hope to accomplish: I will bring a voice to the board that balances the need for sensible economic development with the preservation of the historic personality of Milford and the need to protect the natural resources that we, as a community, are entrusted with.

District 4

Carl S. Moore

Qualifications: Military Experience: USAF, Gulf War Veteran; Professional Experience: Health Care Administrator, Cigna Health Care. Education: MBA, Regis University, BS, University of Connecticut, Civic: Veterans Grave Commission. I have lived in Milford for over two years now and have come to enjoy the city and its quality of life. My wife grew up here in Milford. After seeing other towns in Connecticut and other communities, we feel that raising our son in this vibrant and growing community was one of the best decisions we have made.

What do you hope to accomplish: I plan to continue to support the goals and plans set by the current commission as well as future endeavors.

I hope to bring creative ideas to the P&Z board and a positive attitude to continue to maintain the city’s unique qualities and rich history which we all have come to appreciate. As a Democrat on the commission, I will do my best to facilitate what is needed for our local businesses, our government and most importantly our residents. As an avid jogger, I have come to enjoy the beauty of Milford and its surroundings and I wish to help in preserving its beauty.

District 5

Terrence (Terry) Copeland

Qualifications: I have been a successful business manager and executive with Enthone Inc., who are leaders in supplying the electronics and automotive industries with high tech specialty products. Having been involved in this industry for over 40 years, I acquired extensive global exposure to both business challenges and local cultures, having lived and worked in England, France, Germany, Singapore, and Canada. I speak French as a second language. Corporate stewardship of environmental issues and community goodwill, member of the Leavenworth Society, United Way, the Quebec Federation of Home & Schools, Branch President of AES, now the National Association of Surface Finishing.

What do you hope to accomplish: Living in Milford’s Historic District # 1, we have invested significantly in improving our home and property. If I am fortunate to receive the support of Milford voters, it would be my intent to pragmatically support ideas and actions that would continue to protect such properties.

While sustaining and protecting Milford’s ties to the past, I support projects that would attract businesses to Milford as a good investment opportunity. Businesses bring in money and jobs – both which help keep taxes down.

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