Obamacare and Women’s Health

Obamacare and Women's Health

Mary E. O’Leary @ NHRegister.com:

With health insurance exchanges ready to take applications in less than two months, U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro talked about the importance of getting coverage as she singled out women as the biggest beneficiaries of the Affordable Care Act.

DeLauro, Bev Levy and Mary Ann Wasil, all cancer survivors, talked about their treatment Monday at a press conference at the Fair Haven Community Health Care Center and the importance of not being penalized for pre-existing conditions.

Connecticut is on target to have its health insurance exchange ready by Oct. 1 and is already engaged in a media campaign to inform the public with New Haven one of the communities that will have a storefront where people can go directly to get advice on navigating the system.

DeLauro said there will no longer be gender rating on the cost of health insurance for women with a long list of preventive services covered, as well as maternity care and contraceptive coverage. Being a victim of domestic violence will no longer be grounds for denying health coverage.

Demian Fontanella from the Office of the Healthcare Advocate said he no longer will have to take calls from residents who can’t access quality care because of cost or a denial for basic services. There are now 344,000 residents without health insurance, 145,000 of them women.

He said treatments will be based on what a physician says and not what the insurer decides.

DeLauro said she felt confident that enough people will participate in the exchange to make it workable. “There is a lot of misinformation out there,” she said.

DeLauro said she plans to meet with Hispanic and African American clergy, as “trusted advocates” in the community, who could help get the word out on the Affordable Care Act.

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