Dept of Consumer Protection – Sunglasses Alert

SunglassesImg2I was just forwarded a press release from the Department of Consumer Protection concerning a alert sent out concerning children’s sunglasses tainted with lead. It’s not political news but I wanted to share this information with the readers and let you know what this has been sent out.

The press release is quoted below

The Department of Consumer Protection is alerting parents and caregivers to a new recall of children’s sunglasses that have been deemed unsafe due to excessive levels of lead.

Consumers should immediately take these sunglasses away from children and return them to the store for a free replacement of refund.

About 215,000 pairs of the sunglasses were sold nationwide at CVS, K-mart, Rite-Aid and Walgreen’s since December 2013.

They sold for between $7 and $13.

The graph below displays the Disney “Cars” version. The graph below details all sunglasses included in this recall.

Style# Brand Colors
S00014SVS999 Marvel Spider-Man Red, blue
S00014SVSBLU Marvel Spider-Man Blue
S00014SVSRED Marvel Spider-Man Red
S00021LKC999 SK2 Sears /Kmart Private Label Blue
S00021SVS999 Marvel Spider-Man Red/black, silver/blue
S01551SDB999 Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Red/white, silver/black
S02964SJN440 Disney Jake and the Never Land Pirates Blue
S02964SJN999 Disney Jake and the Never Land Pirates Blue
S03683SDC999 Disney Cars Blue, black, red
S04611SDC001 Disney Cars Red/black
S04611SDC080 Disney Cars Red/Silver
S04611SDC400 Disney Cars Blue/teal/yellow
S04611SDC999 Disney Cars Blue/teal/yellow, red/black, red/silver
S07786SMS500 Disney Doc McStuffins Purple/pink
S07786SMS650 Disney Doc McStuffins Pink/blue
S07786SMS999 Disney Doc McStuffins Purple/pink, pink/blue
S07840SDC999 Disney Cars Red/black
S07841SDC001 Disney Cars Black/silver
S07841SDC440 Disney Cars Blue/red
S07841SDC999 Disney Cars Blue/red, black/silver, black/red


Enjoy the weekend all.

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