Board of Alderman Democratic Candidate Profiles

Milford BOA


District 1

James Patterson

Qualifications: Served as an alderman from the First District from 2004 through 2011. During my terms as alderman served on many committees, including Public Safety and Ordinance committees. Served a term as Chairman of the Ordinance Committee. Also served as liaison to the Board of Education. Community involvement includes Milford Lions Club and have been on the Board of Directors as well as its treasurer. I am a graduate of the C.E.R.T. program as well as the Citizens Police Academy, and I was a lieutenant with Engine Co. 3 of the Milford Volunteer Fire Department and was an E.M.T. – I with Chamberlain Ambulance Service.

What do you hope to accomplish: Having lived in Milford for nearly 40 years, I would like to maintain those reasons we all moved to Milford or stay in Milford while keeping the best interests of all Milford residents a priority.

Greta Stanford

Qualifications: For the past two years I have served in the position of the First District Alderman. I am also a director on the Board of the Milford Education Foundation and am a long time member of the Devon Rotary, as well as the liaison to the Jonathan Law Interact Club. Prior to that I served as Majority Leader of the Milford Board of Ed, the Milford United Way Board of Directors and the Board of the Milford Literacy Organization. I have also taught in the Milford school system and was the long time president of the Milford Education Association.

What do you hope to accomplish: My utmost expectations are to keep taxes low, while affording residents the best services. I expect an open government where every resident has an equal voice. Since I am keenly aware of my constituents’ concerns, I am always responsive to their needs and expectations. As a result, I publish my home telephone number, 203-878-8081 and my e-mail address, without equivocation, so that they may communicate with me as they wish and without hesitation.

District 2

Janet A Golden

Qualifications: I am serving on the Board of Aldermen, elected in 2011. I served on the Board of Education from 2003-05. I served on Planning and Zoning from 2008-2011. I come to the aldermen with an understanding of these two boards. I look forward to continuing the work I’ve started. I graduated magna cum laude from Southern Connecticut State University with a bachelor of science degree in Corporate Communications. I was born and raised in Milford and I am raising my family here and believe in a quality education. I love our city and want to have future generations prosper.

What do you hope to accomplish: I have parents who live in this city and I know the struggles of the seniors. The seniors should be able to continue to live in Milford comfortably and enjoy their golden years here. One of our most important challenges is achieving a budget that balances a quality education for our children with taxes that are fair to our senior citizens. I pledge to continue to meet this challenge responsibly, maintaining open communication with my constituents. The start for a better tomorrow begins today.

Nick Veccharelli

Qualifications: A lifelong resident of Milford for 60 years. I have been married to my wife Kathy for 37 years and have two grown daughters. I have been re-elected by you for the past 14 years as your alderman. I have worked to represent you as your voice. I have worked to hold the line on spending, worked to preserve open space, stopping over development and expanding recreational facilities and activities for the young and elderly.

What do you hope to accomplish: I will continue to work to protect the quality of life for all Milford citizens. Keeping taxes down will be one my main duties as your representative in the 2nd district. I promise to spend your dollars like they were my own. I thank you very much for all your support over the past 14 years as your alderman. I respectfully ask for your consideration again on this next upcoming.

District 3

Frank Smith

Qualifications: Have served five years on the Board of Aldermen, (1998-2001 / 2011-present) representing the 3rd District. A lifelong resident of the Devon/West Shore area, former member of Inland Wetlands Agency and the Milford Council on Aging. Former member of Devon Revitalization Committee, Walnut Beach Association, Laurel Beach Association. Current chairman of the Ordinance Committee of the Milford Board of Aldermen and liaison to the Milford Library Board and Public Works Committee.

What do you hope to accomplish: To offer direct and concerned constituent service and continued neighborhood improvement to the residents of Devon/West Shore. To continue to assist homeowners damaged and displaced in the wake of the recent storms and to advocate for the further enhancement of the Walnut Beach and Devon commercial districts. Will work with the administration to identify greater efficiencies in city services and seek further state and federal sources to better support those services and new local projects.

Martin Hardiman

Qualifications: I have been an alderman eight years, served on the school board six years and was a constable 10 years, and on the Zoning Board of Appeals five years. I know the city very well through these, and also through community activity. I served on the the permanent school building committee, and for 19 years organized the popular Milford St. Patrick’s Day Parade. This has connected me with many residents and organizations. Also, I was an educator in the Milford schools for 20 years.

What do you hope to accomplish: I would like to keep taxes low while still providing the same city services that residents have become accustomed to, such as trash and recycling collection, and the many other services in the city. This can be done with common sense management and by understanding what is important to Milford residents, and most of all listening to what they have to say.

District 4

Susan Shaw

Qualifications: For the past six years I have been on the Planning and Zoning Board and was board chairman. I currently serve on the Board of Aldermen as vice-chair of the Ordinance Committee, chairman of the Rules Committee and as a member of the Mayor’s Long Term Sandy Recovery Task Force. A local business owner, I have been involved in efforts to promote Milford’s downtown as a key economic resource and served many years as an officer and president of the Downtown Milford Business Association. I am on the boards of the Milford Arts Council and Milford’s Environmental Preservation Initiative.

What do you hope to accomplish: Increasing our tax base while preserving the historic features of our city and, importantly, continuing to preserve and maintain our rich natural resources remain my focus. For the health of our city, and for its long-term success, it is important that our city’s elected officials continue to work towards greater efficiencies and savings. I will continue to demand that city departments are high-performing; and that we all work, along with the mayor, to find commonsense ways to decrease costs. Already, we have delivered substantial savings; and we will continue to ensure a city government that works for everyone.

Philip J. Vetro

Qualifications: My willingness to serve the fine residents, not only in my district, but in the city. I have been elected to serve on the Board of Alderman for the last 10 years, of which I was the minority leader, the majority leader, and now for the last two years, the board’s chairman. Because I have owned my own construction company for the last 40 years, I know how to manage budgets, and how to please the people I work for. Being people friendly, and my years of experience are key, for running the city’s business.

What do you hope to accomplish: What I hope to accomplish in my next two years if I am fortunate enough to get re-elected, is to continue to have an excellent attendance record, and to keep the quality of life for the fine residents high, and to keep the services they are used to enjoying, while keeping their taxes to an affordable and reasonable level. I will continue to work with my fellow aldermen to help keep Milford an affordable, efficiently operated city, and do what is best for our fine senior residents, our honorable veterans, our beautiful children, teachers, and our great city workers.

District 5

Dora Kubek

Qualifications: Current member of the Board of Education, Liaison to the Board of Aldermen, American Legion Auxiliary Member, Past Member Milford Fine Arts Council and Milford Land Trust.

What do you hope to accomplish: I am a lifelong Milford resident and fierce advocate for our picturesque city. I support a balanced approach to the revitalization of downtown Milford and our public beaches. I am in favor of expanding our Senior Tax Relief program and senior housing, stronger zoning requirements that prohibit overdevelopment, a downtown parking garage, and the continued identification and maintenance of Milford’s open spaces. Through bipartisan efforts and sensible solutions, I will work to keep taxes stable while maintaining the quality of city services.

Bryan Anderson

Qualifications: It has been a privilege to have represented Fifth District residents on the Board of Aldermen these last two years. Working cooperatively with Mayor Blake, and across party affiliations, we have made progress in a number of areas. There is more work to be done, especially in rebuilding in a post- Storm Sandy environment. I thank my constituents for entrusting me, for their calls and emails, and I pledge to continue to be accessible and responsive to their concerns. I also welcome former Fourth District residents who voted at Foran whose streets are now included in a redistricted Fifth District.

What do you hope to accomplish: During the next term of office, I would like to devote more attention to the City’s economic development policies and on housing issues. I am concerned that Milford is undergoing a “mini-boomlet” in housing and our neighborhoods are being targeted for in-fill housing. Thank you for your vote on Tuesday, November 5.

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