Staying Informed About City Government

inside city hall

If you have access to the internet, you can watch Milford Government Access Television (MGAT) for meetings held at City Hall. Stay informed about city government. Click here for the current Milford Government Access Television broadcast.


common core standards

Education News:

Paul Schott and Linda Conner Lambeck @ wrote a comprehensive article about Common Core Standards in Education.

Common Core is the first major reform initiative to deal with the front end of education — the substance of what actually is being taught in the classroom, instead of focusing solely on student performance on standardized tests (although testing is a big part of it as well).

In the Milford schools, math supervisor Lisa Swanson said the emphasis in the new curriculum is on the journey, not the destination.

“It’s not only about getting the right answer, but getting to the answer,” she said of math problems. Solving them also becomes a job for teams of students, not individuals.

In language arts, there is much more focus on nonfiction, short novels and tough-to-read prose.

“This is not to say that narrative reading or narrative writing are going away,” said Jennifer Sinal, an English supervisor in Milford. But the focus is on engaging in active reading strategies across content areas.

Read the entire article to learn about the details of Common Core Standards and the various perspectives regarding this reform.

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