Tom Foley Supports GOP Negotiating Tactics on Shutdown

tom foley

CT Politics Blog:

“Foley Defended The Negotiating Tactics Of House Republicans. ‘So I Support What They’re Doing.”

According to the CT Politics blog, “A private equity manager from Greenwich who served as U.S. ambassador to Ireland under President George W. Bush, Foley said Democrats are trying to ram through all of the elements of the flawed health care law, including those aspects that are driving the system to a single-payer model. While he does not favor repeal of Obamacare the way many Tea Party members do, Foley defended the negotiating tactics of House Republicans. ‘So I support what they’re doing,’ Foley said. ‘I think some modified version of the health care bill that provided for universal health care, provided for coverage for pre-existing conditions, for example, and some other things in this bill are things that the majority of Americans support. (But) there are an awful lot of things in Obamacare that Americans don’t want and we can’t afford.'” [Hearst Media, CT Politics Blog, 10/1/13]

Connecticut Will Have 300 Fewer Jobs Than It Otherwise Would If The Government Shuts Down For A Few Days.

“Connecticut will have 300 fewer jobs than it otherwise would if the federal government shuts down for a few days, economist Steven Lanza said Monday. A three- to four-week closure would cost 2,000 jobs, Lanza added.” [, 10/1/13]

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