White Supremacist Fliers Surface in Milford

Rise of Hate Groups
U.S. Hate And Extremist Groups Hit Record Levels, New Report Says

Denis J. O’Malley and Michael P. Mayko of CTPost.com:

MILFORD — Early risers in the city’s northern section got a surprise Monday upon walking down their driveways to get the morning newspaper.

Lying nearby, for many, was a sandwich-size plastic bag weighted down by white rocks. Inside each bag was a folded letter bearing the logo of the United Klans of America, the largest functioning Ku Klux Klan operation in the nation.

The letter announced the group’s efforts as a neighborhood watch organization.

“You can sleep well tonight knowing the UKA is awake,” read the note. It contained a contact phone number in Alabama and the UKA’s website.

The bags landed in driveways on Wheelers Farms Road, Herbert Street and Coram Lane — mostly white, middle-class neighborhoods leading to the Great River Golf Course. However, residents also include Catholics, minorities and Jews — all Klan targets.


Greta Stanford, one of three Milford aldermen who represents the city’s First District, was surprised at being told of the flier, and said she intends to contact Police Chief Keith Mello and Mayor Ben Blake, neither of whom could be reached for comment Monday.

“I’m concerned that these people seem to think they need to protect our citizens,” Stanford said. “We don’t need their protection. We have a wonderful police department.”

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By Neal McNamara @ NHRegister.com

Isolated Racist Incidents Part of Milford’s Past


Klan Advertising in Milford Called ‘Wannabe,’ Weak Hate Group

Police spokesman Jeffrey Nielsen said the leaflets appeared on lawns along Wolf Harbor Road, Wheelers Farm Road, Todd Road, North Street, Orange Avenue and Plymouth Place, and said police are monitoring the situation. The group also leafleted on Herbert Street.

Mayor Ben Blake condemned the leafleting, saying, “Any time a hate group rears its head it’s disturbing. Milford is a community where we teach, we live, we promote respect. We don’t accept intolerance.”

Nielsen said the Police Department does not consider the UKA’s neighborhood watch group “legitimate.” He urged any resident wishing to create a neighborhood watch to do so through the Police Department.

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