Milford’s New Recycling Contract Means New Green Revenue for the City

Milford, CT, March 26, 2013: Mayor Ben Blake today announced that the City of Milford has signed a new recycling contract. Under the terms of the new contract, Milford will, for the first time since the City’s recycling program began over 20 years ago, be compensated for each ton of recycling materials collected. This initiative is the latest in a series of measures taken-up over the past year to make Milford government “greener” and more cost effective.

“I very pleased to finalize this agreement on behalf of Milford,” Blake said. “Based upon last year’s tonnage, Milford will realize over $80,000 in new annual “green” revenue, however, I’m confident we will easily exceed that figure given the expanded list of items now able to be recycled.”

Acceptable recyclable goods now include large toys made of rigid plastic, beverage crates, laundry baskets, recycling bins, telephone directories, plastic storage containers and hard-cover books. See List

Recycle List

“With the addition of these new, eligible items and the support of Milford residents, we will easily surpass last year’s 4,000 tons of recyclables,” Blake said.

The Mayor called upon all Milford residents to join his challenge and boost their recycling efforts. “By recycling more, we not only support the environment but we also generate new revenue for the City and keep taxes low,” Blake said. “This is truly a win-win.”

The new contract goes into effect July 1st.

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